Health and Wellbeing

You are what you eat!

At Early Days Nurseries, we truly believe in this philosophy and we ensure that every child is nurtured and nourished by the food we provide.

Our qualified nutritionist has created a four week menu incorporating both traditional and innovative dishes, championing the relationship between a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Menus are age appropriate and inclusive of cultural, personal and medical needs: we offer vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free alternatives to our main menu on request.

As leaders in nursery nutrition, we move in time with the most up to date advice – we avoid processed meat, pre-packed goods and we include a range of non meat proteins to ensure a balanced, modern approach to children’s nutrition.

Our nutrition philosophy complements our programme of physical activities designed to bring out the best in each child. Our schedule includes swimming, Yoga, Tooty-Footie and Forest Schools – an excellent example of our forward thinking approach to health and wellbeing.

Allergy information available on request.