At Early Days Nurseries, we try where possible to involve all children in a variety of extra curricular activities. The aim is to encourage them to learn out with their every day routine, and develop skills in a new and exciting way.


Coastal Classroom

As part of our development of exciting outdoor learning, we have introduced our coastal classroom.

Headed up by Laura and Steve Crandles, Coastal Classroom will provide active outdoor experiences and games which will encourage the children to enjoy healthy outdoor play, whilst increasing their understanding of the world around them and the impact we have on it.

They will learn coastal bush craft skills, increase coastal naturalist knowledge and discover new seashore activities. Our hope is all our nursery children will develop the skills to feel confident in the exploration, discovery and conservation of the wild marine environment.


Forest Schools

At our Forest School we aim to enhance every child’s learning in an outdoor environment. We provide opportunities for the children to engage with nature, learn new skills and discover the world through outdoor play. The learning will be child led with the teachers acting as facilitators. Forest School has a holistic approach to child development having an overall positive impact on the children. We have 2 qualified Forest School leaders, Steven Crandles and Toby Hartley, who are responsible for the planning and delivery of forest school sessions. In addition, all staff who take part are trained to consolidate the work done by our leaders. We are fully insured to take the children to the woods for our Forest School programme.

Please see our Forest Schools Handbook for further information:



Yoga Sessions

Playful yoga classes for nursery children with story, yoga poses, dancing, singing and simple relaxation techniques. Children are led through engaging stories that are linked together with classical yoga poses. These sessions stimulate the little yogis imagination, encourage self expression and build social skills. Children also strengthen their bodies and improve flexibility.

Swimming Lessons

These classes help to develop aquatic skills such as floating, breath control and water confidence, essential for efficient stroke development. Teachers use games, songs and nursery rhymes to motivate and enthuse the children, whilst simultaneously developing strokes and skills. We try to make swimming a fun, positive and inspirational experience for all children at the nursery and I think they would agree!


Tutti Footy

The Tutti Footy nursery sessions for children aged from 2 years upwards, have been designed to meet the learning outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence and the Early Moves Programme. The fun classes develop balance, movement, coordination, walking, running, jumping, turn-taking, space awareness and communication. We deliver the sessions both indoors and outdoors depending on the weather so they children never need to miss out due to the Scottish weather! All Tutti Footy FC Coaches are SFA qualified and have recent valid PVG certificates.


Bambino Beats

Curriculum for excellence based music and movement class, tailored for a Nursery setting …..with a retro twist! The class features instruments, interactive props and puppets used along side nursery rhymes and retro tunes. This helps motor & social skills development and encourage exploration all while having fun and creative play!


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