Our June and July Winners

Congratulations to our June and July Employee of the Month Winners in Mindfulness.

Doune Terrace Nursery – Zowie and Idrani

Early Days and OCH Nursery – Jose and Georgia

Walker Street Nursery – Jenny and Veronica

Melville Street Nursery – Dionne and Kismet

Support Staff – Kay and Isabel

August Incentive

Our Employee of the month, staff incentive focus for August will be on Room Area Planning.  The criteria for this are as follows:

Area planning is a tool used by practitioners to develop areas in each room.

This provides children with challenging and stimulating learning experiences.

Please feel free to look at these sheets on the planning boards outside each room and feedback would be much appreciated.

August Planning

We are paying attention to four 4 curricular areas this month with the intention of engaging and challenging all of our children. Each key worker will set activities at an appropriate level for every child and you will be able to see this on their learning journals.

In order for the learning to continue outside of the nursery I have included a short description of our focus areas as well as some activities that can be carried out at home.


This month we will be focusing on listening and talking. Every week we will be introducing a new rhyme to encourage the children to participate and join in.

Small circle time activities will also run every day to encourage our children to practice their good listening and talking skills.

The simple act of singing nursery rhymes at home not only increases children’s confidence but allows them to hear rhyming words which is essential for being able to learn to read.


We will be paying a lot of attention to shapes this month. We will go on walks to try and identify shapes in the environment and use shapes within the classroom and garden to construct different objects. To extend this learning, we will look at the different properties of 2D shapes and for the older children we will begin to introduce 3D shapes.

Going on shape hunts in the local environment as well as around the house is a really easy and fun way to encourage children to think about shapes.

Health and Wellbeing

In order to help children understand how to keep themselves safe we will be learning that some things are unsafe to touch and eat. We will do this through our time at the snack table, small group discussions as well as using simple pictures to demonstrate safe and unsafe objects.  We will also find out why medicine is important and why it needs to be kept in a safe place.

Having conversations about the ‘medicine cupboard’ and ‘cleaning cupboard’ at home is a perfect opportunity for children to learn first-hand how they can keep themselves safe in their own house.

Social studies

As part of our topic we will be identifying people in the community who help us and we will be learning about their roles. We will do this through role play, trips, songs, stories, art activities and much more.

By exploring your own local community and looking out for places such as the pharmacy, shops, doctors and dentists is a great starting point for conversations about people who help us.

Introducing Jordyn

Hello my name is Jordyn, I am 16 years old.

I am working towards achieving my dream of helping children to learn in a safe and happy environment.

I enjoy using my skills to enable each child to progress as an individual.

My hobbies include horse riding and stock car racing.

I am really looking forward to getting to know all the children and help them with their development.

Important Nursery Update

We have become aware of an individual making numerous false and defamatory statements about our Melville Street Nursery on social media over the last 24 hours, which have attracted significant attention and commentary.  In view of the inaccuracy and seriousness of these allegations, we would like to take this opportunity to clarify the position, and offer an accurate account of the matter in question to reassure all interested parties that the conduct of our staff and management surrounding these allegations has been entirely appropriate and transparent.

The allegations concern the appropriateness of staff conduct and cognizance of unusually hot weather on a scheduled trip to Craigie’s Farm on 26th July.  This matter has been fully investigated by nursery management, including consultation with all the nursery staff, children and their parents involved in the trip.  We have also consulted with staff at Craigie’s Farm, who were engaged in our activities on the day and have reviewed their CCTV.  To ensure rigour, transparency and compliance with established reporting procedures, we have discussed the matter with the Care Inspectorate and law enforcement agencies, who have confirmed their approval to the actions taken by our management and staff regarding the concerns.   

Our thorough investigations conclude there has been no wrongdoing or misconduct by our staff, in any way.  On the contrary, our investigation has identified that all children were appropriately prepared with light clothing, sunhats and sun protection.  This is confirmed by Craigie’s Farm’s CCTV footage and photographs taken by staff.  Our investigation also confirmed that references to staff splashing children are also inaccurate.  The actual occurrence was a cup of water being accidentally dropped on the ground by a staff member, which did not adversely affect any children.

We are extremely disappointed at the medium chosen for expressing this concern.  This approach did not provide the opportunity for an accurate account of events to be offered and has created unnecessary distress to our staff and parents.  If anyone has a genuine concern about our nursery practice, we would encourage this to be brought to the attention of our management or even appropriate authorities.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our staff and parents most sincerely for their overwhelming support regarding this matter, particularly the unanimous support pledged by parents of the children who attended the trip.  We are extremely grateful for your comments.

Meet Amy

My name is Amy and I have recently graduated with a degree in human biology.

I have always loved working with children and I have decided to pursue this as a career.

I love being creative with the children and helping them to express themselves through creative and messy play.

In my spare time I face-paint for birthday parties and charity events.

A Big Hello To Bally

Hello my name is Bally.

I’m a fun, ambitious and bubbly person with lots of creative experience.

I have bags of energy and I’m really looking forward to sharing that at the nursery.

I love spending time with my family and friends. I have a great relationship with my nieces and nephews and also my friends children who I care deeply for!

I have a passion for travelling and have been lucky to travel all over the world.

I like cooking and baking, enjoy spending time at my fitness classes and love trying new places to eat out.