Pure Imagination

The pre school children at Old Coates House have been enjoying playing at our loose parts play area, exploring all of the resources.

We are using different natural resources which is a great opportunity for the children to use their imagination skills as well as developing their cooperation and communication skills with their friends.

There were lots of conversations had and negotiating on how things should look and the children have been able to listen to their friends views and ideas.



Melville street preschool are really enjoying their yoga/mindfulness sessions.

We have been doing a mixture of stretching, relaxation and imaginative games.

The children are really responding to these sessions and are using phrases such as ‘I feel thoughtful’ ‘I feel peaceful’ and ‘I feel calm’ after taking part.

No LION about for us!

This month the Toddlers at Melville street have been learning all about lions.

We have been learning the difference between male, female and lion cubs (the Toddlers refer to them as mummy, daddy and baby) and finding out where they live.

We have enjoyed doing lots of lion themed activities such as making our own lions using coloured tissue paper, making lion footprints using potatoes as stamps.

We even made our own jungle in the tuff tray and practiced walking like a lion over the wooden beams.

We are also learning a new song ‘we’re going on a lion hunt’

Sensory Fun

The Toddlers at Early Days have been enjoying sensory play with frozen vegetables and cornflakes.

The children were given the opportunity to explore a wide selection of materials in their tray, and used their hands to feel the different textures, shapes and temperature of the different vegetables.

We especially like the feeling of the crunchy cornflakes!

Our Treasure Island

The pre school children at Melville Street have had a busy few weeks turning our room into a treasure island as part of our Pirate topic.

We have been turning our house into a pirate ship, making boats, telescopes and hats and are loving dressing up in the role play area.

Be sure to look out for lots more pirate themed activities over the next few weeks.


Sink Or Swim?

To link in with our pirate topic at Melville Street, we have been taking part in some floating and sinking activities.

The pre school children chose some objects from around the room and using a clear tub, had to predict whether it would float or sink.  They then recorded the findings on their chart.

It was so lovely to then see the children go off and carry out this activity independently in our water tray.