Weekly Recipes – Broccoli & Chicken



1 cooked chicken, removed from the bone.

1 medium tin condensed chicken soup

4 oz mayonnaise

1 tsp. lemon juice

1 small tsp. curry powder

1 pkt. Frozen broccoli or ¾ lb. fresh

4 oz. breadcrumbs tossed in 1 oz. melted butter or 1 pkt. Crisps

1 oz. grated cheese




Cook broccoli and place in ovenproof dish.

Mix lemon juice, curry and mayonnaise into undiluted soup to make sauce.

Heat through gently.

Cut chicken into bite size pieces and lay on top of broccoli. Top with heated sauce.

Mix breadcrumbs (or crisps) and cheese and sprinkle over sauce.

Bake 350F. for 35 minutes.