Update From Maureen

Dear Staff

Firstly, sincerest thanks to staff for the professional and calm approach taken towards the children in this testing time. I wish to emphasise that the only reason Early Days Nursery will remain open in some form is to support the keyworkers, particularly doctors and nurses who are in the frontline of this crisis.

As you are all aware things change by the hour rather than the day and Laura and I are keen to try and inform and reassure as and when we have updated information.

We are sending out a letter to parents later and wanted to update you prior to this communication going out.


We anticipate that it will be necessary for a small number of keyworkers’ children to continue to attend Early Days Nursery.  There is still some confusion about the who will qualify for this support, and we require further clarification from The City of Edinburgh Council.  We will hopefully receive this by the end of this week.

We envisage that we will still require a small team or teams of staff to support the frontline workers by continuing to provide care for their children.  Laura, the managers and HR will be meeting at the start of the week to establish a plan for this.  Further details will be shared with you once this has happened.  I must advise that it may be necessary for Early Days Nursery to furlough many of its staff.    The government have promised that any staff who are furloughed as a result of the Coronavirus, will be entitled to up to 80% of their salary for up to three months.  As this is a new provision further information is required in order to establish how this will work in practice.


Staff who will be working throughout will receive thorough hygiene training for Covid-19. We anticipate taking the children out as much as possible to the beach, forests and parks etc and spreading them out as much as possible.


It is essential that staff reassure children and strive to provide as much consistency as they can.

We thank you for your support and we are available to talk to any staff who are worried or want advice. Please contact Laura Crandles at laura@earlydaysnurseries.org.uk or 0131 226 5751 or Maureen Crandles at maureen@earlydaysnursery.org.uk or 07789937055