Update From Maureen and Parent Pack

Dear Parents,

We have spent today collating a register of the children whose parents require childcare. These are the parents who are essential category 1 keyworkers i.e. Doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals.

Thank you to everyone for helping us in this task. I appreciate this may change on a day to day basis and any category 1 keyworkers whose circumstances change should contact me at maureen@earlydaysnurseries.org.uk

We are also choosing a team of staff to provide the childcare required. This team will be taken from a large number of staff who kindly offered to work. Our other staff will be invited to volunteer for the furlough scheme and many staff have done this to help the business stay viable.  Thank you to them also.

It has been overwhelming to have the outstanding support and commitment from all to help tackle this terrible virus.

To help our ‘home parent teachers’, I enclose a pack which the managers have compiled to help your sanity!  We will continue to provide further ideas as and when we can. Please note that these are best to be opened on a laptop via the website or email to view easier.  If you do not have access to a laptop, Nikki can help get these to you another way.

Parent Pack

Activity Cards

Support learning at home

Please let me know if we can help in any way.

Best Wishes