Update from Maureen

Dear Parents and Staff,


We have received further notification and update from the Scottish Government today advising how the new ‘beyond 0’ regulations apply to the day to day running of our nurseries.


We have drawn up a list of our requirements which will be implemented or continued as from today.


  • There are some mitigations that we will be keeping in place; such as the requirement for staff to wear masks at key points in their working day and our preference for staff to remain two metres apart from each other during the working day whilst inside the setting.

  • We will continue to monitor transitions of groups of children between different part of the indoor space to avoid bottlenecks and crowding and we will continue with enhanced hand hygiene and cleaning procedures.

  • We will continue to ventilate all rooms well and will be using C02 detectors to monitor and assess the quality of ventilation.

  • Singing will now be permitted indoors. (hurrah!)

  • We will continue to notify our local Health Protection Team of positive Covid-19 cases and suspected/ positive cases to the Care inspectorate.


Continued practice and changes that affect parents, children and isolation periods directly.


  • Children will still be discouraged from bringing toys from home to the Nursery.

  • Visiting inside the nursery building for parents will be limited to a short indoor visit for new children on the first settle-in day as part of a longer settle where parents are initially met outside. This in turn will be managed to ensure only one parent is inside the building at any one time. Parents in these circumstances will be encouraged to partake in the universal Lateral Flow Testing on offer prior to entering the building and will be asked to complete a Covid questionnaire.

  • Pick up and collection systems will remain and parents will be required to wear face coverings for this unless medically exempt.

  • Staff will continue to hand over children promptly and feedback will be given in the child’s journal.

  • We will continue to maximise the opportunity for outdoor play and exercise for children.

  • No person, regardless of age should attend the nursery or after school provision if symptomatic of Covid-19. Everyone who develops symptoms of COVID-19 must self isolate straight away, stay at home or go home and should arrange a PCR test via the appropriate method. The Nursery should be informed of results prior to a child returning from self isolation.

  • Children under 5 years who are deemed to be a close contact of a positive case, be it at home, in the nursery environment or elsewhere are no longer required to attend for a PCR test if they remain without symptoms – but parents can arrange a test for your child in these circumstances if preferred.

  • Children under 5 years do not have to self isolate if they are a close contact of a positive case unless they develop symptoms in which case they should be immediately isolated and arrangement should be made for a PCR test.

  • Children over 5 years should self isolate if deemed to be a close contact and a PCR test should be arranged. Children over 5 do not have to self isolate as a close contact after they return a negative PCR result.

  • Adults – (staff and parents, visiting teachers) who have received both doses of the vaccine can end self isolation upon receipt of a negative PCR test if deemed to be a close contact. All other adults, even those adults with one dose of the vaccine must follow the self isolation period of 10 days recommended for close contacts.


With all of this in mind, despite a high take up of vaccinations by staff members we must remain careful and cautious. This does mean that we are very much headed into a safer direction but must some key mitigations should remain in place.


The input of Health Protection Scotland will be our main source of advice.


Thank you again for your support.


Best Wishes

Maureen Crandles

Early Days Nurseries
10 Walker Street EH3 7LA
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