Tweenie Room Update

The Tweenies at Doune Terrace Nursery are very privileged to have caterpillars!


We love watching them grow every day, until they eventually grow into beautiful butterflies!


All the Tweenies love to look at them each day. We have talked about what happens when a caterpillar makes a cocoon and that they turn into beautiful butterflies.  The children are fascinated with  ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, and are enjoying learning about all the different fruit he likes to eat.  We have used the fruit from the book that the caterpillar munches through to make our own fruit stamps.


Some of the children were able to identify the colour of the fruit and what kind of fruit they were using to stamp with. We also created our very own caterpillars and butterflies.


We have displayed all the children’s art work in the room.