Toddlers Weekly Update

This week the Toddlers had great fun at Sports Day and their Teddy Bears Picnic where we all got a special appearance from ‘Teddy Bear’!

Everyone was fantastic at Sports Day and there was definitely some competition going on. Well done Toddlers!

We have taken full advantage of the beautiful weather this week and got the paddling pool out in our garden.

Toddlers had so much fun splashing their friends and teachers.

Since going on the tram to Saughton Park the Toddlers have shown an interest in transport.

We are looking at the size and shape of the wheels on different transport and have been mark making by rolling cars into paint and onto paper and finding out all what patterns we can make.

Walker Street Nursery Summer Trip

Babies and Tweenies


The children of the Tweenie floor had a super time at North Berwick on Monday. There was so much fun to be had, visiting the park where we played in the sunshine, kicking, and throwing footballs and frisbees and running around having so much fun.

We took along our tubs of bubbles and the children all had turns of trying to blow bubbles to pop and catch.

We then took a stroll down to the beach, some of our children had never been to the beach before and were fascinated with the sand. We brought out our buckets and spades exploring the texture of the sand with our hands, feet, and some of us with our mouths.

We explored and found shells, seaweed, and feathers that the children were amazed by. Once back at nursery we followed on from our trip to the beach by creating textured sand pictures, using sand and glue. This was great fun and reminded us of our fun time at the beach.




What a lovely time we had at Yellow Craigs on Wednesday. The Toddlers were helping the teachers organise the trip and chose the toys they wanted to take with them. Before going along, we were talking to the children about going to the seaside and what we would need once there.

We looked out our sun hats, sun cream, and towels for the beach, as well as using the smart board to look at the photos of seaside and checked what the weather would be like.

When we finally got to the beach, the toddlers were amazed by the beautiful beach, lighthouse, and sea. We enjoyed picnic lunch and snack with some special treats. To our surprise it was not too sunny with the sun hiding behind the clouds and a little windy.

The children were so excited about being on the sand that they made beautiful creations from the sand and shells that we collected. They loved putting their toes in the cold water and then watching the dry sand stick to them. Following on from our amazing outing, Staff set up provisions for the children to explore the textures of the shells they collected and used this with our blue play-dough to remind ourselves about this lovely experience we had.

We wanted to thank our clever children for listening to the instructions and parents for their engagement prior to the trip.




The pre-school children had a super time at Yellow Craigs, having fun at the park and beach. The play park was super fun with the children using the pirate ship play equipment to develop their imagination skills. We all hopped aboard and went searching for buried treasure!

After our exploration we came across the yummiest treasure of all… our amazing picnic! Some children grew in confidence and were brave enough to climb up on the spiderweb climbing frame, negotiating how to move around and get from one end to another.

We then went to the beach which was the just the best! Everyone was so excited to go down to the water to dip our toes in the water.

This was super exciting as we played “Jump the waves” which got us super wet and “Crabs and Seagulls”.

We also took a little tour around the rocks looking for rockpools and seeing if any sea creatures were around.

We spotted barnacles, seaweed, and lots of algae on the rocks, but did not come across any creatures. We think they were off on their summer trip too!

The children enjoyed some time on the sand where the children did lots of cooperative play and team-work activities building sandcastles, digging holes that became baths for us to wash ourselves in and then writing our name in the sand!

Weekly Recipes – Lentil Lasagne

Lentil Lasagne




  • 1 onion

  • 1carrot/leek finely diced

  • 3 cloves garlic

  • 2 tbls tomato paste

  • 2 tins tomato passata or blend tinned tomatoes until smooth

  • 2 tbls mixed herbs

  • 2 tbls paprika

  • 1 tbls cumin powder

  • 1 tbls coriander powder

  • 500g lentils

  • (salt and pepper optional)




Fry onions, diced carrot and garlic until soft. Add paprika, cumin, coriander and gently fry for 2 minutes. Add the lentils, gently fry again and after 2 minutes add water and tomatoes to cover the lentils by about an inch. Bring to the boil and simmer until cooked. Add more water if needed.


White Sauce


  • 100g butter

  • 100g flour

  • 1.2 litres milk

  • 2 tbls mixed herbs

  • 150g cheddar and extra for topping




Melt butter and add flour, cook on low heat for 5 minutes. Add herbs and slowly whisk the milk making sure not too lumpy, keep on gentle heat and stir until thick (add cheese if desired)


Bake for 45 minutes at 180










Walker Street Nursery Update



Toddlers were very busy this week learning about the important jobs that people do to help us. The staff provided opportunities for the children to learn about doctors, using the doctors kit and costumes.

The children were very engaged with treating their friends and teachers who were unwell, wrapping each other up in materials as if they were bandages. They found out plenty of new information, such as how to look after each other, using gentle hands and where people go when we are unwell.

The children also participated in arts and crafts using printing techniques when creating x-rays of their hands and fingers. This was inspired by a friend who had visited the hospital for an x-ray and the interest was brought to nursery.

Fine motor skills and creativity was supported using the playdough table, where the children were rolling, squeezing, patting, and pressing the dough, making them into bandages and plasters for their friends. On our many outings this week, we took a walk around our local area where we passed a Doctors surgery and waved to the doctors as we passed by.



Teddy Bears Picnic


What an amazing afternoon the children had on our teddy bear’s picnic. We had great fun playing with bubbles, reading stories, singing nursery rhymes and sharing a picnic with our favourite teddies from home.

We even had a special visit from the Early Days Nursery bear, who came along to share in our special day.


Sports Day


The Pre-School Children also had a busy week this week with them taking part in our Sports Day. Everyone had a ball, cheering on our teammates and having fun racing one another.

At the end we held a special ceremony where everyone received a special medal to celebrate our achievements and efforts of joining in with the races. Well Done Everyone!


Goldilocks and the Three Bears


This week we have been fully engrossed in becoming Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have changed our house corner into a bear’s cottage and the children have been having a blast, pretending to be Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear.

We have added various sized plates, spoons and bowls to the house corner and the children have been using these to learn all about size. Here they have been measuring oats, sand and water seeing how many cups fill each sized bowl.

We have also been learning the sequence of the story with the children putting this into the correct order but also having fun adding new parts to the story to make it our own.

We have also been enjoying some of our old favourite stories such as Handa’s surprise where the children wanted to remake the fruit that Handa gives to her friend Akayo.


Flutter little Butterfly, Flutter


The Explorer children had a brilliant week this week where we watched our butterflies emerge from their chrysalis. This was an exciting opportunity to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and learn new words such as symmetrical, chrysalis, metamorphosis, and exoskeleton.

We then set our beautiful butterflies free 🦋At Forest Schools we met a kind gardener who looks after the private gardens at our Forest School Site. We told him all about our butterflies and he allowed us to use the garden to set our butterflies free.

He told us all about the plants and flowers that Painted Lady butterflies like. One by one we took the butterflies out and placed them gently on this special plant and eventually they took off, flying up into the flowers and trees. We were all so excited to watch them explore their new home.

Well done explorer room for looking after them so well the last couple of months, you did such an amazing job 😊🦋





Babies and Tweenies at Melville street

Babies have been developing their fine and gross motor skills using smooth and spikey balls to create their pictures, we also been developing our fine motor skills using chunky crayons to make marks on our paper.

Babies have been taking an interest in the lions and tigers during storing time we have been reading the tiger who came to tea, we have also been learning the sounds of lions and tigers.

Tweenies have been finishing up their Dear Zoo topic, so have been creating some monkeys and lions with paint.

Tweenies have been experimenting with foam outside in the rain. They played outside while it rained to see if the water would make the foam disappear. We also discovered the changing textures.

Baby Room Update

We have been taking part in some nice group activities, we’ve been sitting together with our musical instrument basket and shaking them along to our favourite songs.

We’ve also been working our pincer grip and fine motor skills pulling out feathers from the little holes in the colander and then using them for tickling!!

Isla has started to try pulling herself up and is now crawling! Well done Isla!

Noah and Emily have celebrated their 1st birthdays this week so a huge happy birthday from all of us!

Tweenie Room Update

This week the tweenies have continued doing lots of planting and learning about how plants grow. We have planted some beautiful Sunflowers and we hope they can grow really tall.

We have been making lovely flower prints with the paint and having a great time in the water with our gardening tools learning how to fill pots using different methods like our watering the can and spoons.

The children have really enjoyed song time and have taken an interest in the farm animals again trying to copy the noises, so we have taken a trip to a Gorgie farm to see the animals close up.

It was a beautiful afternoon and we had such a good time watching them play peek a boo with us ( the alpacas).

Toddlers Update

Toddlers have been busy this week playing with the new train set that Nikki bought us.

The children have enjoyed making their own train tracks for the trains to go around.

This got us talking about the different shapes of the train tracks and what shape we were making.

We took this further by talking about different trains and reading some train stories at circle time.

Pre-School Update

Having watched our caterpillars grow and transform in to butterflies this week marked the end of their journey with us. On Tuesday the children took the lead when releasing the butterflies into the wild. They enjoyed the chance to have the butterflies choose to perch on their fingers and even on some of our heads before they flew off.

The children have loved this process and are so passionate about sharing their knowledge.


With the departure of one guest, brought the arrival of another. This week at Forest School the children were involved in collecting lots of worms, which were in abundance with the wet weather we have been having, and have now created a wormery in our room.

The children have loved watching the worms create patterns in the soil and have been using fact books to find out more information.


Alongside this we have also been continuing our focus on emotions and the children are becoming much more confident at identifying and discussing different emotions.

We have now set up an emotion ‘check in’ for the children which they have been using this really well, generating some super discussion.

Old Coates House Update

Another fun week for our Preschoolers at Old Coates!


We have been very busy this week practising different races for our Sports Day, the sack race seems to be our favourite! We have been learning what rules we need to follow and how we support our friends during the races. Lots of cheering for our friends!!


This has created an interest with lots of questions about exercising so we have been talking a lot about the benefits of exercising and doing our warmups before our practised sports day races such as jumping jacks, squats, planks and star jumps.


We are so excited to welcome our new friends from the Toddler room who have now joined us at Old Coates House Nursery. We’ve got to know each other during circle times and buddying up with our friends.