Toddler Update

Our Toddler children really enjoyed their Teddy Bear Picnic this week.

We set up different activities for the children to explore such as puzzles and games, storytelling and song time.

The children enjoyed the freedom of exploring in the churchyard and even independently started to play hide and seek with their friends.

We finished the day off with a visit from our nursery mascot (to mixed reviews) and enjoyed a picnic tea.

A great time had by all!

Preschool Update

What a great time we had at our annual sports day.  The children took part in 6 races…Running, egg and spoon, tunnel race, sack race, bean bag balance race and dressing up race.

They were fantastic at following instructions and supporting their team mates.

We even managed to get their teachers to join in by demonstrating each race (although lots of cheating going on there!).

Our nursery mascot, ‘Melville the Bear’ put in an appearance to present the children with their medals which they loved.

We then finished off our day with a picnic tea and a special fruit ice lolly!

Weekly Recipes – Sweet and our beef



400g Beef Strips

1 Bag of Crunchy Veg

1 tin of tomatoes

Small carton of Passata

Crushed Pineapple

1 tsp of Chinese Spice

2 or 3 Noodle Nests





Fry off beef strips until brown

Add beef to a large pan with the tomatoes, spices, and tomato passata.  Add crunchy veg and simmer for 10-15 minutes.



Meanwhile cook the noodles nests in boiling water until tender, drain and serve with beef.

Tweenies Weekly Update

This week the Tweenies have been making the most of this fantastic weather by getting our hats and suncream on and getting outside as much as possible.

We have been out on lots of walks, stretching our legs at the church yard and visiting Gorgie farm. Due to the farm visit we have been looking at animals and have been focusing our play on animals by mimicking the noises they make.

With the weather being so warm, the Tweenies have had lots of opportunity to cool down with the water play. They enjoyed making bubbles and watching which objects sink and which objects float.

On Monday we had our teddy bear’s picnic in the churchyard where the children had the opportunity to bring in a teddy from home and enjoy snack and songs with their teddies. We even got to meet our teddy bear nursery mascot.

We made him feel extremely welcome by waving and giving high fives.


Babies Weekly Update

The babies at Melville street have been enjoying the start of our new topic this week ‘Lions and Tigers’.

We have been listening to tiger stories our favourite being the tiger who came to tea.

We have also been participating in some sensory play with orange and black rice.

Pre-school Weekly Update

This week in preschool we have been enjoying lots of time out in the local area, making the most of the beautiful weather. The boys and girls have been discussing seasonal changes and creating our topic plan for summer thinking about all the things we would like to know.


While over in the churchyard we have been practising all our different races for sports day next week. The children have now gained great confidence with these and are looking forward to the upcoming event! This has linked in well with our ongoing focus on emotions as the children have explored stories with characters who experience different emotions such as, excitement and nervousness. We are learning that everyone feels different at different times and that that is ok.


Both while on outings and during different activities in the room we have been learning all about directions and positional language. The children have enjoyed making maps and playing with our Beebots to develop this knowledge.

Toddler Weekly Update

Today the Toddlers have been doing some water play in the garden. Our toddlers love taking things from one place to another.

Building on this transporting schema we had different water stations around an area of the garden with lots of different utensils, tubs, jugs and we added some ice and animals.

We had lots of fun doing this and we spoke about how the ice was ‘cold’ and how water makes us wet.

Tweenies Weekly Update

The Tweenies at Doune Terrace have been enjoying the lovely weather recently. On Thursday we enjoyed a trip down to the Botanics!

Where we enjoyed a run around the grass and some snack in the sun.

We were also super excited when we seen a massive blue tractor on our walk around the gardens, which they all loved looking at.

It fitted so well into our topic this month as we have all shown a great interest in transport.

We look forward to more trip out in the beautiful sunshine around our local area.

Babies Weekly Update

The babies at Doune Terrace have been enjoying some time outside playing with bubbles (an all round favourite!).

We have also taken some inspiration from the recent sunny weather and made some lovely sun paintings using sponges and tissue paper!

Continuing on from our farm yard animal theme we also had trip to Gorgie farm!