Doune Terrace Update

Baby Room Update


This week babies have been enjoying doing lots of messy play activities.

They have been exploring the shaving foam squeezing and squishing and rubbing on their bodies, it was so much fun 😊 Babies also had lots of fun painting with frozen paint cubes and observe the ice melting in their hands.

We also enjoyed exploring the musical instruments and loved to make lots of noise.

Tweenie Room Update


The Tweenies at Doune Terrace have had lots of fun exploring their senses through different exciting activities. Here we have the children drawing with frozen paint!

They really enjoyed using these wee frozen cubes to mark make on the tough tray. Some of the children were able to identify the colour of the paint that they were using and that the paint was cold.

This is a great activity to help the children recognise colours and to understand her senses through play.

Toddler Room Update


Today the toddlers enjoyed doing a lovely number tracing activity. Throughout this activity we were learning to draw numbers from 0-5 and working on our number recognition too.

The benefits of this activity isn’t only number recognition and tracing but this helps gain control of the arm, hand and fingers.

We can’t wait to work on numbers 6-10.

Weekly Recipes – Banana and honey cake


  • 280g butter

  • 200g honey

  • 4 eggs

  • 4 bananas

  • 280g self raising flour


Mix together butter,honey, eggs,bananas to a sloppy mixture then fold in the self raising flour.

Pour into a greaseproof oven tray.

Bake at 180 fan assisted oven for 12-15mins check half way through cooking may need turned in the oven.

Early Days Update

What an exciting week the babies have had! We were so lucky that we got lovely warm weather for our annual trip out to North Berwick.

We drove down there in the minibus with our friends and teachers.😁 Once we got down there, we walked around the new environment and found a perfect spot by the park to have our yummy picnic lunch. After lunch of course, we couldn’t wait to play at the park.

The children had a blast running around the park playing on all the different equipment. We also had a fantastic time at the beach with our buckets and spades to make sandcastles. We also walked down to the water pool with our teachers and got to dip our feet in, this made the sand stick to all of our toes which was so Tickly😆.

We were all so tired from such a busy day that we slept the whole bus journey back to nursery. We can’t wait till next time so we can do it all over again.



What an exciting week for the Tweenie room. We got to go on our annual summer trip to North Berwick- that we have all waited so long for.

We all got on the minibus in the morning, which was exciting enough, but the excitement just kept on coming. Once we arrived at North Berwick, we headed straight for the park where we found the perfect spot to sit and eat our picnic lunch prepared for us by Jamie.

After lunch we had a run around on the grass and developed our gross motor skills and hand eye coordination by playing with the different sized balls – kicking, throwing and rolling the balls to our friends and teachers. We also played with the parachute, standing underneath it while our teachers waved it in the air above us.

After all this fun in the park we took a nice walk down to the beach. The children were all fascinated with the boats in the harbour, pointing to them and smiling.

All the children then went onto the sand for a play. Some children stayed at the top of the beach playing with the spades and buckets, creating lots of lovely things while the other children went for a paddle in the water.

It was a good job we had spare clothes and towels with us as the children were very enthusiastic in the water😁.

We are already so looking forward to our next trip!


Last week the Toddlers have had lots of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather. We visited Mckeown park, Saughton park and Yellowcraig’s Beach. We have been practising our climbing skills, balance skills and further developing our upper body strength using the park equipment.


The Toddlers have shown lots of interest in transport, we were able to experience this first-hand on our many trips out. We took the minibus to Yellowcraig’s beach, the tram to Saughton park and we have spotted lots of buses and cars from the window in our toddler room! We have been doing lots of mark making with our toy cars by rolling them into paint and sand and onto paper to see the different patterns and marks they make.


Our summer trip was great fun! We had lots of fun splashing in the water, exploring the rock pools and playing in the sand. The great big park at the beach was also lots of fun!



What an amazing week we’ve had at Old Coates House. Where do we begin, we’ve had so much fun! We started our week with our annual Summer Trip to Yellowcraig Beach where we enjoyed our minibus journey to and from nursery, it was a great journey on the return home 💤 😴😆 We loved having our picnic lunch in the park, which then followed by a play in the park (of course) and then the most exciting part of the entire trip…GOING TO THE BEACH!! We were SO excited we couldn’t wait to get in the water and splash each other, dig up the sand to build sandcastles and waterfalls as well as looking for sea creatures, shells and seaweed. It was a good job we brought our change of clothes and towels because some of us had far too much fun and excitement and got absolutely drenched. But we absolutely loved it!


Some of us enjoyed a trip to the library. Yep, you read it right, we FINALLY got our trips back to the library after all this time, and it’s as if we had never been away from the place. We knew exactly where to go, how to behave and what we to do at the library. We had to remind Ruxi and Jose at times because they were just being too noisy 🤣📖 We returned the books we had borrowed and found lots of new books to bring back and read to our friends and teachers and put them in our own library we have set up.


It’s a very special day on Sunday for our Daddy’s, so we also found time in our busy schedule to make something to give to them this weekend. We hope you are going to love them as much as we loved making them just for you. 🥰


And as it’s a BIG game on Friday night we had our very own football match; England vs Scotland and we had the best time. Alex was afraid she would be the only England player but it turns out we have more secret supporters than first thought and with the game finishing on a draw, a penalty shootout was decided and it ended up on Scotland winning 2-1. Alex did not think this was a fair result 😆🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


We made predictions on what we thought results will be, with some making sensible guesses and others making wild predictions of 100-5 to Scotland!!


We can’t wait for next weeks fun and learning.

Preschool Update

Last week there was a solar eclipse! Eilidh and her dad were so clever and were able to make a pinhole projector which made it safe for us to be able to see the eclipse without looking at the sun or hurting our eyes.

Before heading to the garden to see the eclipse the children gathered for circle time to discover what a solar eclipse actually is.

At first it was quite tricky to see as it was really cloudy, but as the clouds began to part, we noticed a small sun shape with a black shadow beginning to cover it.

From our learning earlier the children were able to identify that this was the eclipse! It was so exciting.

Leading on from this the children were curious to how the projector actually worked, so in the afternoon we explored the definition of reflection.

This was a great way to promote parent involvement between home and nursery.  We would love for parents to contribute to the activities we offer in nursery so any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.

We have also been excited about the football beginning this week.  We have been using the smartboard to look up which teams have been playing each day then creating flags for the selected countries.

This has prompted lots of chat around different countries and the children have loved exploring the different flags.

Weekly Recipes – Chicken and Pesto Tart



  • puff pastry
  • cooked chicken
  • ¼ cherry tomatoes
  • homemade pesto *see Pesto Pasta for recipe*



Roll out the pastry and add a layer of pesto, scatter the chicken and tomatoes and bake at 200c for 20-30mins, serve immediately.

Option to add grated cheese or parmesan

Introducing Erin

Hi, my name is Erin. I really enjoy working with and looking after children.

At the weekends, I like spending time with my friends and little cousins.

I enjoyed learning Spanish at school and this is something I would like to keep up and incorporate with the children here at nursery.

I am looking forward to getting to know your children and helping them with their development and growth.

Introducing Aimee

Hi my name is Aimee. I have just left high school after finishing up my exams.

I have always had an interest in working with children for as long as I can remember.

I have gained experience in working with children through coaching underlease girl’s football.

I am excited to start my apprenticeship whilst gaining practical experience in the nursery and I plan to further my knowledge and get to university.

I would love to go on to do primary education or study for my Childhood Practise Degree.

In my free time, I like spending time with my friends and family.