How Does Your Garden Grow?

The preschool children at Melville Street are currently involved in planning our nursery garden.

They have been choosing which flowers and vegetables they would like to plant, then we took a trip up to Dobbies garden centre to get the plants and seeds we needed.

The children loved working with Kenny and Graeme to plant the seeds and flowers in the correct place.

It is now our job to ensure the plants are looked after by watering and caring for them everyday.  We are very excited about the prospect of growing our very own apple tree.

I am sure you’ll agree it’s looking fab!


Don’t Worry, Bee Happy

The pre school children at Walker Street have been learning all about looking after the wildlife in the forest.

We came across some poorly bees and Steve taught us how to help them.

You mix together some sugar and water and gently lift the bee into it, if they can have a little drink, they are able to get some strength back and fly away.

It was very exciting to watch.

Melville Street Assemble!

We would like to say a big thank you to parents for all their kind donations, we raised a fantastic £152.38.

Its true what they say, not all superheros wear capes