Preschool weekly update

Another busy week of learning (and lots of fun too of course!) in preschool.


We finally got around to creating our very own Preschool Zoo. We used all of our small world zoo animals, loose part resources, blocks, materials and stories to create a zoo, building areas for all the animals to live in. We first discussed each animals habitat and how we could use our resources to make replicas of them to carry out our zoo and looked online and through books for ideas. We had some animal costumes which some of our friends enjoyed wearing and carrying out their own narratives, playing ‘mummy and daddy’ to the ‘baby animals at the zoo.’ We also voted for our favourite one and after counting all the votes… giraffes won! Luckily we have a giant giraffe puzzle at nursery, so we completed it together and explored the names and various parts of their body.


Also this week, the children noticed lots of election signs next to the nursery “to vote for Nicola or Boris Johnson”. We talked about it but nobody really understood the concept of voting. Here at Old Coates, we are curious and responsible citizens, so we decided to learn a bit more about it, and a word we used to say every time we decided what book to read during story time was democracy. We learned we are in a democracy every time we have the chance to vote what book we wanted to read, instead of the teachers choosing the story. This led us to talking about why grown ups have a day to go and vote for the people they want to be in charge.

We then decided to have our own role play about it. Everybody got a label with their name as an ID and a blank paper to fill with their vote. One volunteered to sit at our polling place and check we all followed the rules.

Then we thought… what should we vote? Well the thing we care about the most, something we all love… SNACK!

Children (and by popular demand by teachers too) could vote between a few snacks we had in the kitchen. Everybody followed the rules very nicely and (apparently) we all understood how elections work now.


We may have some future Politicians here at Old Coates who could look after Scotland.

Baby Room Update

The babies are showing a great interest in bubbles at the moment! We have decided to focus on bubbles for this month. We love to blow lots of bubbles in the room and pop them, we also love singing our tiny turtle song.


The babies have been enjoying taking part in a bubble painting activity using different coloured paint and a circular shaped cup to create their own wee bubble pictures. They all engaged well in this activity, and liked dipping the cup into the paint, and then stamping it onto the paper.


We are looking forward to using different materials e.g. bubble wrap to create more bubble pictures for our display.


There are many developmental positivities when blowing bubbles with the babies, some of these include visual tracking skills, gross motor and fine motor development movement, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and social and communication skills too.

Tweenies Room Update

This week the Tweenies have been reading our favourite story at the moment “ the very hungry caterpillar “ we have been keeping a close eye on our caterpillars they are in their cocoons and ready to emerge out any day now.


We have also got a new hungry caterpillar jigsaw which we have all been enjoying sitting down and working out where each piece goes. We have also been loving our morning dancing to some of our favourite songs which is a great way to keep us all moving when the weather isn’t that great outside.


We have been enjoying going our on our local walks and we all love putting on our waterproofs to go for a splash in the puddles around the gardens, this is so much fun!

Pre School Beach Schools

Beach School Day


Some of our Pre School children had an amazing day at Yellow Craig’s beach this week.  The weather was drizzly and chilly but that didn’t dampen our fun!


We started our day with a play in the fun park, the children were super brave and all tried the big spider’s web climbing frame.  Some of them were a bit reluctant at first but they all managed to conquer their fear and gave it a try.  The carousel swing was super fun and Dougie made sure the children went really fast on this much to their delight!


After a picnic in the park we headed to the beach, this was best part of the day according to the children.  We built lots of sand castles and found lots of interesting things on the beach to decorate them.  Christine took us to explore the rock pools to look for crabs but we think they were all hiding from the rain!  We loved paddling in the sea, the waves were coming in fast so we had to jump high to stop the water going in our wellies.


We can’t wait to go back.


Georgia, Ben, Christine & Dougie

Early Days Tweenies and Toddlers update


The Toddlers have been practising their self-serving, pouring, spreading and cutting during mealtimes. The children have loved being more independent and are working on all these new skills!

We have been chatting lots about ‘babycinos’ as it has seemed to be a very popular treat at the weekend. We have turned one of our areas into a Costa Coffee shop to give the children opportunities to use their imagination during role play.

We also made some coffee scented playdough so the children can experience the smell of coffee. We took a walk around some coffee shops so we could see inside the window and watch the baristas busy making ‘babycinos’.

Following on from the children’s interest in ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story, we have been looking at some more bug activities. Our Toddlers took part in some very creative body painting. We used a selection of paint and toy bugs to make different marks on paper.

The children loved exploring and experimenting as well as having lots of fun!



The Tweenies have been very creative making their own flower pictures.

The children had a selection of brightly coloured tissue paper to choose from and each had a glue stick to use.

This activity was a great advantage to further develop our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as they used the glue stick independently and then picked up the tissue paper and placed it onto the glue.

Next week we will start to focus on bugs and insects as the children have been spotting some while looking at flowers outside, spiders in particular have been a favourite!

Preschool Room Update

People who help us


We have had a busy week continuing to learn about all the different people within our community that help us. Our primary focus was Police Officers, which had us turning our castle in the pre school room into a police station. Using fact books we were able to discover the different roles of a police officer and what their uniform consists of. After learning that police officers carry badges with their identification on them we decided to make our own, which resulted in having our very own Melville Street Lieutenants and Officers.


Through all the imaginative play around people who help us, this opened up the conversation to explore other workers/people who help us. Using fact and fiction books we were able to discover the different roles people play within the community. To further our knowledge, the children created their own books. Some fiction, some factual. Everyone’s books linked back to people who help us in some way or another.


Carrying on our literacy and imagination skills, the children then designed their own puppets. We ended up with police officers, nurses, doctors, teachers and many more. Using our puppets the children were able to act out their stories they had made and also come up with more performances.

Baby and Tweenies Room Update

One of our Tweenies friends has recently been talking lots about diggers.  He is always looking out for diggers to play with in nursery so we decided to incorporate some into our sand tray.  This then piqued the interest of the rest of the children who loved exploring the different sized diggers, talking about their wheels and making different patterns in the sand.


We then extended the children’s interest by turning our cosy area into a construction den.  We had so much fun playing with our builder’s hats and working together to build towers with the foam blocks.  Much more fun to knock them down though!

Toddlers Update

The toddlers have been busy in their building area this week. This brought up lots of conversation about the different coloured bricks they were choosing.


We decided to extend on this by going on a colour hunt around the room.  We started off by using our poster to identify different colours.


The children then had to go around the playroom and find objects that matched the coloured flash cards.


We took this further by taking the blocks out to the garden and continuing our colour exploration outdoors.

Weekly Recipes – Chickpea and Sweet Potato Curry


1 x onion – roughly chopped

4 x sweet potato – cut into large chunks

1 x stick of celery – finely chopped

3 x tinned tomato

2 x tins of chickpea

1 x passata

3 x cloves chopped of garlic

1 tsp garam masala

1 tsp tikka powder

1 tsp curry powder

½ tsp ginger

½ tsp turmeric

½ tsp paprika

Splash of veg oil




Start by sautéing the onions until soft and then add garlic and cook for a further few minutes.

Mix together the spices then add to the onions and garlic and cook for a few minutes to get the most flavour from the spices.

Add the sweet potato chucks and the chickpeas (including the chickpea water) and mix until coated in spices.

Cover with tinned tomatoes and passata then cook until sweet potato is soft. Remove a 1/3 of the curry and roughly blend with a stick blender, add this back to the pot and mix to combine.

Serve with rice and mini pitta bread!

Forest Schools – Sailing Away

We had a Sail of a Time:

This week at Forest Schools the children were all given the opportunity to explore the forest discovering a multitude of natural materials to design, create and build their very own sail boats. They collected various outdoor materials and tested them to see if they would float before constructing and sailing them off down the river. This was a great learning experience for the children in which they took great delight and pride in. They were so excited to race the boats and to see which was the fastest and if they were able to make it the end without sinking. We will continue this interest and see what other natural materials we can use to construct super models next time at Forest Schools.