Preschool weekly update

Another busy week of learning (and lots of fun too of course!) in preschool.


We finally got around to creating our very own Preschool Zoo. We used all of our small world zoo animals, loose part resources, blocks, materials and stories to create a zoo, building areas for all the animals to live in. We first discussed each animals habitat and how we could use our resources to make replicas of them to carry out our zoo and looked online and through books for ideas. We had some animal costumes which some of our friends enjoyed wearing and carrying out their own narratives, playing ‘mummy and daddy’ to the ‘baby animals at the zoo.’ We also voted for our favourite one and after counting all the votes… giraffes won! Luckily we have a giant giraffe puzzle at nursery, so we completed it together and explored the names and various parts of their body.


Also this week, the children noticed lots of election signs next to the nursery “to vote for Nicola or Boris Johnson”. We talked about it but nobody really understood the concept of voting. Here at Old Coates, we are curious and responsible citizens, so we decided to learn a bit more about it, and a word we used to say every time we decided what book to read during story time was democracy. We learned we are in a democracy every time we have the chance to vote what book we wanted to read, instead of the teachers choosing the story. This led us to talking about why grown ups have a day to go and vote for the people they want to be in charge.

We then decided to have our own role play about it. Everybody got a label with their name as an ID and a blank paper to fill with their vote. One volunteered to sit at our polling place and check we all followed the rules.

Then we thought… what should we vote? Well the thing we care about the most, something we all love… SNACK!

Children (and by popular demand by teachers too) could vote between a few snacks we had in the kitchen. Everybody followed the rules very nicely and (apparently) we all understood how elections work now.


We may have some future Politicians here at Old Coates who could look after Scotland.