Preschool Update

Last week there was a solar eclipse! Eilidh and her dad were so clever and were able to make a pinhole projector which made it safe for us to be able to see the eclipse without looking at the sun or hurting our eyes.

Before heading to the garden to see the eclipse the children gathered for circle time to discover what a solar eclipse actually is.

At first it was quite tricky to see as it was really cloudy, but as the clouds began to part, we noticed a small sun shape with a black shadow beginning to cover it.

From our learning earlier the children were able to identify that this was the eclipse! It was so exciting.

Leading on from this the children were curious to how the projector actually worked, so in the afternoon we explored the definition of reflection.

This was a great way to promote parent involvement between home and nursery.  We would love for parents to contribute to the activities we offer in nursery so any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.

We have also been excited about the football beginning this week.  We have been using the smartboard to look up which teams have been playing each day then creating flags for the selected countries.

This has prompted lots of chat around different countries and the children have loved exploring the different flags.