Preschool Room Update

People who help us


We have had a busy week continuing to learn about all the different people within our community that help us. Our primary focus was Police Officers, which had us turning our castle in the pre school room into a police station. Using fact books we were able to discover the different roles of a police officer and what their uniform consists of. After learning that police officers carry badges with their identification on them we decided to make our own, which resulted in having our very own Melville Street Lieutenants and Officers.


Through all the imaginative play around people who help us, this opened up the conversation to explore other workers/people who help us. Using fact and fiction books we were able to discover the different roles people play within the community. To further our knowledge, the children created their own books. Some fiction, some factual. Everyone’s books linked back to people who help us in some way or another.


Carrying on our literacy and imagination skills, the children then designed their own puppets. We ended up with police officers, nurses, doctors, teachers and many more. Using our puppets the children were able to act out their stories they had made and also come up with more performances.