Pre-school Weekly Update

As it was Earth Day on Thursday 🌎 this week we have been learning the importance of looking after our planet and discussing ways to how we can help. We have read stories called ‘The Messy Magpie’, ‘The Bean Machine’ and ‘I can Clean’ a lovely story one of our friends kindly brought in from home for us to read. The stories focused on rubbish being left on the beach and in the forest, how by doing this ruins the environment and how we can recycle the materials and be changed to make new resources for our everyday use. We loved reading these stories so much that we made our own recycling machine and used our junk modelling resources to make new toys for us to play with. Some of us found it funny to go through the recycling machine and transform ourselves into jungle animals, robots and each other.


Throughout the week we have also been litter picking around the churchyard to ensure it clean and put it into the bin and the Forest School children found time in their busy schedule to collect lots of litter with litter pickers too. We couldn’t believe how much we found! ♻️ We had ‘dirty water’ in our water play and learned how we can keep the water clean to prevent all our beautiful under water animals from getting poorly.


We have also enjoyed our trip to Gorgie Farm, a trip to Dean Gardens AND making sure we stay healthy and doing our daily exercises.


A very busy week 😀