New Important Nursery Information

Dear Parents

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the lovely messages of support we have received. It has really helped the managers and the staff.

As you will know, things are in a constant state of flux, but we will try to keep you updated as and when we have relevant information regarding the nursery. Our first and main priority is keeping everyone as safe as we can and I wish to emphasise that the only reason Early Days Nursery will remain open in some form, is to support the keyworkers, particularly doctors and nurses and all other healthcare workers who are in the frontline of this crisis. We have planned the following measures.


As you know from the press there is doubt about the definition of keyworkers and whether it is one or two. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and we hope to have clarity from The City of Edinburgh Council and also a hotline where we can refer specific family circumstances which do not fall into certain categories. In the meantime, children of keyworkers should report to their own nursery on Monday the 23rd March and thereafter we will update you following the instructions from the city of Edinburgh Council . The proposed plan is to gather the children of keyworkers in one or two nurseries (to be decided) but will be spread out inside and taken out to the beach, parks and the forest where and when possible.


Parents whose children do not attend nursery will not be charged fees for April and this will be reviewed month by month. The council have honoured the 1140 hours for 3-5year olds on the pilot scheme and this will help towards the ongoing costs of rents, salaries etc.


We will have a skeleton staff going forward and the governments plan to pay salaries up to 80% for people not working for the next three months has significantly helped our business viability and reassured staff. Staff working in nursery will be re-trained on essential hygiene procedures especially for Covid-19.


A hotline will be established and the app and e-mails will be kept updated as things change. Laura is leading all the nurseries and can be contacted on 0131 226 5751.

Finally we are aware that our precious children will no doubt be trying to make sense of their completely changed world and we should try to keep things as consistent as we can. We will be sending out a pack of ideas and activities for our “home” pupils soon. Any parents who would like any advice, tips or who have suggestions (nice ones!) please forward them to your nursery. My e-mail address is I am at present working from home but I am on call at all times on 07789937055.