Further Nursery Opening Information

Dear Parents

I am beginning to feel like Nicola Sturgeon with my updates but here goes!

Firstly can I emphasise that the principal and essential reason for us providing childcare is to help the main key workers, mainly healthcare to  fulfil their critical support.

I must emphasise it is not compulsory for key worker’s children to attend.  Where alternative home provision is available, this is the best option.  The main reason is to reduce the spread of transmission. Therefore the minimum number of parents who require childcare will help this cause.

As from tomorrow 24th March 2020 we will be opening only 2 settings as follows

Melville Street Nursery will be open for the key worker children from Early Days, Old Coates House and Melville Street Nursery

Walker Street Nursery will be open for the key worker children from Walker Street Nursery and Doune Terrace Nursery.  Any Pre School children should be dropped off at No.17 Walker Street and Babies, Tweenies and Toddlers should be dropped off at No 10 Walker Street.

To help contain the spread of this virus we are respectfully asking parents not to enter the nursery building.  Staff from your own nursery will  meet you and the children at the door and take them into their new rooms.    Obviously if any children are upset or unsure you can bring them in to help them settle.

We are currently looking at the childcare that will be needed for key worker children and also looking at the staff we will require.  Once these details are finalised we will update you accordingly.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and lovely comments.


Following the broadcast from our First Minister, we have decided as a company to confirm the following guidance to parents:

Only children of TWO keyworkers should attend nursery tomorrow.

Single parents who are keyworkers and have no alternative childcare arrangements can also attend.

We will continue to keep you updated.

Best wishes