Dear Staff

We have now collated the registers of children who will be attending nursery based at Walker Street.  This has enabled us to identify the number of staff that will be required in order to be able to provide care for these children.  The children are from all four nurseries and on average there will be between seven and twelve children attending on a daily basis.

I would like to thank everyone who volunteered to work, similarly thank you to all staff have expressed an interest in being placed on furlough.   Please find below a letter which explains in more detail the furlough process.

Letter explaining potential furlough

Once you have read the letter, you are required to email HR at hr@earlydaysnurseries.org.uk by 1pm on Wednesday 25th March.  Please can you include the following information in your email :

Full Name


And one of the following statements:

  • I wish to volunteer to be placed on furlough
  • I wish to remain at work

If we move to a furlough situation, we will take into account a number of factors when considering the team which is to remain in work.  Where possible, we will select the staff that are to remain at work from those who respond that they wish to do so.  I must advise of the need to ensure that key a range of key skills/knowledge/roles and training is covered and that if this is not available from the pool of individuals who wish to remain in work we will need to look at those who have volunteered to be furloughed.  I must also advise that, depending on the response, it may not be possible for all of those who wish to remain in work to continue to do so. If this is the situation we will select those who are to remain based on the nurseries requirements, the staff that have not been selected will be placed on furlough.

Thank you once again for your patience and your support, I will keep you updated as and when information becomes available to me.

Best wishes