Early Days Update

A huge welcome to our new babies and Tweenies who are about to start with us and those who have joined us over the past few weeks. We are so excited to have you here at Early Days.

Baby Room

Our babies have enjoyed going on picnics and exploring our local area this week visiting Princes Street Gardens, Dean Galleries and the Canal.  The babies liked looking and smelling the lovely Spring flowers and have planned to visit the Botanical Gardens next week to look at their beautiful gardens.

Tweenie Room

We are excited to go to Gorgie farm next week to see the farm animals after the Tweenies showed an interest during story times. We have been practising the different noises which farm animals make but our favourite caption for the moment is ‘E-I-E-I-O’.

The Tweenies have also enjoyed looking after our beautiful flowers and have been helping to water them.

Toddler Room

The Toddlers are all super excited to be going to the Zoo next week. There has been lots of animal noises coming from the Toddler room and have all been very creative using different objects to mark make on paper making their own animals.

We have also been watching the men hard at work putting up the scaffolding next to our nursery and have since taken an interest in what they are doing. They have been walking around their room building towers with our big blocks and ‘fixing’ lots of things with their own wee tools.

Pre School Room

This week at Old Coates House we have turned our nursery into a local hospital and all quickly became newly qualified Doctors and Nurses. We have been making sure our teachers and friends have all had their temperatures checked, taking X-rays of their brains and their bones and prescribing medication to ensure our friends recover back to full health! We have learned how to use a stethoscope (a big word some of us have found very funny to pronounce!) to listen to people’s heartbeat, a thermometer to check our temperature, how a syringe is used to make people better, and scissors (pretend of course!) for hair cutting, because why not!

We’ve been learning names of some body parts, how blood travels around our body and how we breathe oxygen into our lungs.

A very busy week for our Preschoolers! 😀

Claire Allan

Nursery Manager