Early Days Tweenies and Toddlers update


The Toddlers have been practising their self-serving, pouring, spreading and cutting during mealtimes. The children have loved being more independent and are working on all these new skills!

We have been chatting lots about ‘babycinos’ as it has seemed to be a very popular treat at the weekend. We have turned one of our areas into a Costa Coffee shop to give the children opportunities to use their imagination during role play.

We also made some coffee scented playdough so the children can experience the smell of coffee. We took a walk around some coffee shops so we could see inside the window and watch the baristas busy making ‘babycinos’.

Following on from the children’s interest in ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story, we have been looking at some more bug activities. Our Toddlers took part in some very creative body painting. We used a selection of paint and toy bugs to make different marks on paper.

The children loved exploring and experimenting as well as having lots of fun!



The Tweenies have been very creative making their own flower pictures.

The children had a selection of brightly coloured tissue paper to choose from and each had a glue stick to use.

This activity was a great advantage to further develop our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as they used the glue stick independently and then picked up the tissue paper and placed it onto the glue.

Next week we will start to focus on bugs and insects as the children have been spotting some while looking at flowers outside, spiders in particular have been a favourite!