Doune Terrace Update

Baby Room Update


This week babies have been enjoying doing lots of messy play activities.

They have been exploring the shaving foam squeezing and squishing and rubbing on their bodies, it was so much fun 😊 Babies also had lots of fun painting with frozen paint cubes and observe the ice melting in their hands.

We also enjoyed exploring the musical instruments and loved to make lots of noise.

Tweenie Room Update


The Tweenies at Doune Terrace have had lots of fun exploring their senses through different exciting activities. Here we have the children drawing with frozen paint!

They really enjoyed using these wee frozen cubes to mark make on the tough tray. Some of the children were able to identify the colour of the paint that they were using and that the paint was cold.

This is a great activity to help the children recognise colours and to understand her senses through play.

Toddler Room Update


Today the toddlers enjoyed doing a lovely number tracing activity. Throughout this activity we were learning to draw numbers from 0-5 and working on our number recognition too.

The benefits of this activity isn’t only number recognition and tracing but this helps gain control of the arm, hand and fingers.

We can’t wait to work on numbers 6-10.