Dear Staff


As you are aware the roll out of the Covid 19 vaccine has been extended to everyone over the age of 30 and anyone between the ages of 18-29 are being invited to register for their vaccine.


Although numbers are reducing and some restrictions are lifting the biggest defence against COVID 19 appears to be the vaccine.


As a company we have both children and staff who are vulnerable,  in addition to this I am aware of a number of nurseries and schools that are currently closed due to staff and children being tested positive.  I am therefore writing to ask you all to take up your invitation to be vaccinated if you are over the age of 30 or register for your vaccine if you are aged between 18-29.


I have attached information on how to go about this below which includes a telephone number to contact if you think you should have had your vaccine by now but have never received an invitation.


If you have already had your first dose of the vaccine I have also attached information on how you can book your 2nd dose once 8 weeks have elapsed.


Book or manage your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination – NHS (


Registering for a coronavirus vaccine | The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine (


The registration service for those aged between 18-29 is open from 24th May until 4 June 2021.


If you receive an appointment during working hours please be assured that you will be given the time off to attend,  and where we can we will arrange to take you to and from the appointment.


Once you receive your appointment confirmation please can you give a copy  of this to your manager as we have to keep a record of who has been vaccinated to ensure we keep all vulnerable staff and children safe.


Thank you all for your continued efforts in keeping the children and your colleagues safe.



Maureen Crandles