Primary School Registration

If your child was born from 1 March 2014 to 28 February 2015 they can start primary school in August 2019 and you must register them during registration week.

Most schools have open days this Wednesday 31st October with registration taking place w/c 5th November.  There are some useful links for you below (‘read more’ for app users)

Please note that even if you are thinking of deferring your child next year you must still register them at your chosen school.

If you have any questions about registering your child please do not hesitate to give your nursery manager a call.


Exciting Announcement

We are excited to announce that Maureen Crandles, our owner and director, will be taking part in a feature on Friday morning on BBC Radio Scotland.

Maureen will be talking to the host on gender stereotypes and how we combat them in our nurseries.

Tune in at 11.10am, it is sure to be a great discussion!

Were You Born To Teach?

We are currently recruiting a qualified teacher to join our pre-school teaching team.

Each of our 4 pre-school nurseries employ a qualified teacher, and these teachers work closely together to deliver the highest quality of teaching and to share best practice.

As a teacher with us you will expected to:

  1. Have a good working knowledge of Curriculum for Excellence, Building the Ambition, How Good is our Early Learning, Child at the Centre and Pre-birth to 3

  2. Lead the learning and teaching in the room

  3. Provide a high standard of physical, emotional, social, intellectual and aesthetic education

  4. Ensure our children have fun whilst learning in a safe and caring environment

You will be working 4 days a week, and will enjoy a competitive salary, over 8 weeks holiday a year and on-going support and career development from our dedicated team of managers.


  1. GTC Qualified

  2. Experience of working in a nursery, school or other childcare setting

  3. Enthusiastic, motivated and caring attitude

This post is considered regulated work with children and/or protected adults, under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007. You will be required to join the PVG Scheme.

If you are interested in this opportunity and feel that you have the required skills and experience, please submit an up-to-date CV to


Say Yes To Yoga

We are so excited to announce that all of our staff have now attended a 2 hour training session on Yoga for Children.


During this training we covered many different yoga positions, breathing exercises and group yoga moves. 


Yoga helps to engage the heart, mind and body. It helps children to develop their emotional intelligence, communication skills, trust and empathy.


It is also a great non competitive activity which helps to nurture teamwork and leadership, and helps to provide a calmer and more productive learning environment.

But most importantly, it is lots of fun!

Apples and Pears

Our children at Walker Street Nursery were lucky enough to explore Maureen Crandles garden today.

We were there on a very special visit – to help harvest the apples and pears from the beautiful fruitful trees.

We filled five huge tubs of the fruit which we donated to businesses for everyone to enjoy.

And of course we kept a load back for Suzi to make some yummy fruit crumble.


Our Heroes Next Door

The children at Walker Street had a very special visit from the Fire Brigade last week.

We were all very excited to sit inside the fire engine, try on their hats and play with the water hose.

Even though firefighters had 2 emergency calls while they were with us and had to rush off, they came back each time and answered all our questions.

We are so lucky to have such dedicated emergency service teams.

Forest School Is Back!

We are so lucky to have Steve and our Forest School team back in action after the Summer.

All our pre school children have the amazing opportunity to enjoy Forest School once a week.

From climbing our very own mountain, Blackford Hill, to picking brambles to bake with back at nursery, the boys and girls enjoy every minute.

Our June and July Winners

Congratulations to our June and July Employee of the Month Winners in Mindfulness.

Doune Terrace Nursery – Zowie and Idrani

Early Days and OCH Nursery – Jose and Georgia

Walker Street Nursery – Jenny and Veronica

Melville Street Nursery – Dionne and Kismet

Support Staff – Kay and Isabel

August Incentive

Our Employee of the month, staff incentive focus for August will be on Room Area Planning.  The criteria for this are as follows:

Area planning is a tool used by practitioners to develop areas in each room.

This provides children with challenging and stimulating learning experiences.

Please feel free to look at these sheets on the planning boards outside each room and feedback would be much appreciated.

August Planning

We are paying attention to four 4 curricular areas this month with the intention of engaging and challenging all of our children. Each key worker will set activities at an appropriate level for every child and you will be able to see this on their learning journals.

In order for the learning to continue outside of the nursery I have included a short description of our focus areas as well as some activities that can be carried out at home.


This month we will be focusing on listening and talking. Every week we will be introducing a new rhyme to encourage the children to participate and join in.

Small circle time activities will also run every day to encourage our children to practice their good listening and talking skills.

The simple act of singing nursery rhymes at home not only increases children’s confidence but allows them to hear rhyming words which is essential for being able to learn to read.


We will be paying a lot of attention to shapes this month. We will go on walks to try and identify shapes in the environment and use shapes within the classroom and garden to construct different objects. To extend this learning, we will look at the different properties of 2D shapes and for the older children we will begin to introduce 3D shapes.

Going on shape hunts in the local environment as well as around the house is a really easy and fun way to encourage children to think about shapes.

Health and Wellbeing

In order to help children understand how to keep themselves safe we will be learning that some things are unsafe to touch and eat. We will do this through our time at the snack table, small group discussions as well as using simple pictures to demonstrate safe and unsafe objects.  We will also find out why medicine is important and why it needs to be kept in a safe place.

Having conversations about the ‘medicine cupboard’ and ‘cleaning cupboard’ at home is a perfect opportunity for children to learn first-hand how they can keep themselves safe in their own house.

Social studies

As part of our topic we will be identifying people in the community who help us and we will be learning about their roles. We will do this through role play, trips, songs, stories, art activities and much more.

By exploring your own local community and looking out for places such as the pharmacy, shops, doctors and dentists is a great starting point for conversations about people who help us.