The Great Outdoors

The Babies have been spending lots of time outdoors, playing in the garden and visiting the park.

We have even been able to enjoy eating our lunch outside, it’s been great fun.

Sunshine, a bit of shade, fresh air and a lovely breeze all add up to a perfect day outside for our babies!

Colours and Counting with the Waddlers

The Waddlers have been looking at colour this month and numbers 1 to 5.

We have been using one of our favourite songs to help learn our numbers. The children were all so excited with the song that we decided to make our own fish with bright colours.

Do you know the song? Why not try it at home and see just how good the children are at singing it!

One, two, three, four, five,
Once I caught a fish alive,
Six, seven, eight, nine ,ten,
Then I let it go again.
Why did you let it go?
Because it bit my finger so.
Which finger did it bite?
This little finger on the right.


We love Spring!

Following on with our Spring Topic at Early Days and our new rhyme, Five Little Ducks, the Waddlers took a trip to Union Canal for a picnic lunch and to feed the ducks.

The children each had the opportunity to throw some bread to the hungry ducks.

They all had fun sitting on the statues and shouting ‘Quack Quack!’ There were smiles and laughter all round.

We then took a walk to Harrison Park where we ran around and burned off lots of energy.

The day after, the Tweenies and Waddlers enjoyed another picnic lunch in the park, sitting in the sunshine.

The children had a little play in the park allowing them to use, strengthen and develop their physical movements.

Afterwards we all took a walk along to Gorgie Farm to look at the new baby animals.

We got the chance to see lambs and piglets.

We love Spring!

Young Persons Job Roadshow

DYW-Jobs-RoadshowEarly Days Nurseries will be taking part in the Young Persons Job Roadshow at the Assembly Rooms next Friday.

The event is hosted by Developing the Young Workforce and will see a a number of employers invited to exhibit with a view to recruiting from a vast pool of school and college leavers.

This will give Early Days the opportunity to showcase our fantastic nurseries to the very people we hope to bring on board and continue to help us grow.

We are privileged to be involved such an event and we are looking forward to meeting the all young people that attend.

You can find out more about Developing the Young Workforce and what they do for young people below.

Developing the Young Workforce Information




Sainsbury’s Active Kids

active schoolIt’s that time of year and once again we are collecting Active Kids vouchers.

If we could kindly ask parents who shop at Sainsbury’s to pop any vouchers that they collect into the boxes provided in each nursery, it would be mush appreciated.

All of our nurseries benefit from these vouchers and every year the children are so excited to see what sports and cooking equipment we get donated from Sainsbury’s.

Thank You.

‘The Wee Rid Motor’

The Waddlers are learning this Scottish poem, The Wee Rid Motor, by Sandy Thomas Ross.

In my wee rid motor,
I can gang for miles,
Up and doon the gairden,
Through the lobby whiles.

Mony a bigger motor
Gangs tae toons afaur.
Nane can gang whaur I gang
In my wee rid caur

The children have loved hearing the poem and have been using the wheels of a car to make tartan pictures.

This has given us the opportunity to bring a bit of Scottish culture in to our transport topic.