Deep Sea World

The toddlers enjoyed two fantastic days out at Deep Sea World.

Despite the rain they were fascinated with the sea lions who performed tricks to get their lunch.

The sharks were a big hit with the children as were the starfish.

It was lovely to see their excitement at all the different kinds of fish however the sharks were definitely their favourite!

‘The Wee Rid Motor’

The Waddlers at Palmerston Place are learning this Scottish poem, The Wee Rid Motor, by Sandy Thomas Ross.

In my wee rid motor,
I can gang for miles,
Up and doon the gairden,
Through the lobby whiles.

Mony a bigger motor
Gangs tae toons afaur.
Nane can gang whaur I gang
In my wee rid caur

The children have loved hearing the poem and have been using the wheels of a car to make tartan pictures.