Website, App and Social Media

As I am sure you have all noticed, things have been a little quiet on the app and social media recently.

We are in the process of redesigning all our online features and are looking forward to launching this in the New Year.

Thank you for your patience while we create something new and exciting.

Merry Christmas x

Pension Information

A number of you have recently received a letter from Aegon advising that Early Days Nurseries had not made the required payments to your pension fund in July. I would like to reassure you that all payments have been made.

We have investigated this and it appears that there was a security issue with Aegon (our pension provider) not allowing Mazars (our payroll provider) to access to our pension portal.  Unfortunately this meant that all pension payments were delayed for that month.  Please be assured all employer contributions have now been processed.  I have written a formal complaint to Aegon.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Susan at Head Office should you have any questions or require any further information.

Kind regards


Introducing Claudia

I have been working as a teacher in Barcelona for 2 years. I have a BA in classics as well as an MA in teaching in Spain.

I have had the opportunity to work with school children and teenagers and I loved the experience as I got to see the learning that takes place in all ages.

I particularly love working with children in the early years as it’s just amazing to see how fast they learn and discover new things.

I look forward to working with your children