A note from Maureen

Dear Parents and Staff,

We are now in the next phase of lockdown and I hope you are managing to adapt to your new way of life. I have definitely managed to slow down and adjusted my routine to a much calmer pace. We have been blessed with beautiful weather which always makes life more pleasant.

The thing I miss most is hugging my family and I am sure you are all the same. I know the staff on furlough will be missing your children very much. We have been instructed that staff on furlough cannot be involved in nursery work and I know that is hard for them. Similarly the children will be missing their friends.

I have asked Nikki to look at some form of communication between the children so hopefully we can get this up and running soon.

If I could also ask that when you have a moment, please update your app on the app store – there a few bugs that need fixing!

We have some scavenger hunt ideas for the ideas for the children below – good luck!

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

I hope everyone is keeping well.

From my home to yours,