What A Great Idea!

Our Doune Terrace Children’s Committee is up and running and the boys and girls have made a great start.

They have been collecting daily numbers, washing dishes, looking after the babies and tweenies and have even shown a new parent around the nursery!

This month their focus is friendship and helping to settle new children into the pre school room.

Keep up the good work!

Apples and Pears

Our children at Walker Street Nursery were lucky enough to explore Maureen Crandles garden today.

We were there on a very special visit – to help harvest the apples and pears from the beautiful fruitful trees.

We filled five huge tubs of the fruit which we donated to businesses for everyone to enjoy.

And of course we kept a load back for Suzi to make some yummy fruit crumble.


Our Heroes Next Door

The children at Walker Street had a very special visit from the Fire Brigade last week.

We were all very excited to sit inside the fire engine, try on their hats and play with the water hose.

Even though firefighters had 2 emergency calls while they were with us and had to rush off, they came back each time and answered all our questions.

We are so lucky to have such dedicated emergency service teams.

Forest School Is Back!

We are so lucky to have Steve and our Forest School team back in action after the Summer.

All our pre school children have the amazing opportunity to enjoy Forest School once a week.

From climbing our very own mountain, Blackford Hill, to picking brambles to bake with back at nursery, the boys and girls enjoy every minute.

Budding Little Florists

One of our parents owns a local florist and kindly asked our toddlers along to visit her shop, Rogue Flowers in the West End.

The children were given the opportunity to smell, touch and describe the various flowers, plants and herbs.

There were so many colours and beautiful scents.

It was such a great way to link with our topic and learn about the life cycle of plants.

Herb Gardens and House Corners

We have been developing our house corner at Old Coates House and the children are loving it.

We have added resources for writing shopping lists, letters, and cards. This is bringing literacy to life and the children are completely enthusiastic about sending out special messages.

We have also started to add different herbs from our herb garden.

This is developing language skills as the children are learning the names of the herbs and our discussions are all about what foods the herbs can be found in.

The children now want to add a window box with herbs so that they are available and can be accessed independently.

Learning Life Skills

After snack at Melville Street, things can get a little messy.

We have started washing our dishes in the sink, practicing some home life skills and introducing the way things are cleaned through hands on experience.

This has also made for some great fun through splashing and creating bubbles with the soap.

A big win all round!