Artists In The Making

Our Pre School children at Doune Terrace have been learning about different artists and their style of painting.

We even took a trip to the Portrait Gallery to look at some sculptures and paintings.

The children have created their own interpretation of Water Lillies by Claude Monet, The Girl with the Pearl Earing by Johannes Vermeer and Balloon Girl by Banksy.

How amazing is their artwork?!

Happy (Belated) Halloween!

What a fun month October was in the preschool room.

The children had a great time exploring all things Halloween related.

We used the Halloween theme to explore rhyme this month, using picture games to match rhyming words then moving on to use our knowledge to create our own rhyming spells.

We also explored some Halloween stories to help put together our own spells.

We used the analogy of spiders and webs to take part in some counting and number recognition games, putting the correct number of spiders on the webs.

Finally, we finished off the month with our annual Halloween party, where we took part in dooking for apples, doughnuts on string and lots of dancing and face paints.


Face Time

The toddlers at Early Days have been learning to recognise and name their facial features.

We used printed photos to look at our own facial features then we drew over their outlines.

We also used a mirror to identify our eye and hair colours – there were so many different combinations!

At snack time we made mini pizza faces too!

The Great Outdoors

To learn about the changing seasons and explore our outdoor environment, we took our babies to Dean Galleries to have snack under the trees.

Whilst we were eating we were able to watch the branches swaying in the breeze, the leaves falling and the birds flying in the sky.

We collected fallen leaves and small branches and the babies enjoyed exploring the smell and texture.