Sssh! Fairies About…

After much interest and input from our toddlers at Early Days, we have decided to create our own outdoor fairy garden.

Our toddlers helped make a start on it, creating some fairy houses and a rock area for the fairies to play in.

Their little imaginations went into overdrive and we had some amazing chat about all the others things we shall be adding to our garden.

Lots of fun times ahead for the children in our new fairy garden.

We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday

Preschoolers and toddlers at Doune Terrace enjoyed a trip to two local travel agents yesterday as we researched our new topic – summer.

We got to look at some holiday brochures and chat to the staff who let us take some away with us so that we can create our own travel agent in back in nursery.

They explained that some countries use different money and this is called currency.

We are really lucky because Enrique used to work as a travel agent and is going to give us all lots of tips about running our own shop.

Botanical Mindfulness

Doune Terrace toddlers spent a mindfulness day at the Botanic Gardens.

We took our special mindfulness basket with lots of different activities in it.

We started by ringing our meditation bowl, this helps the children wind down as the chimes become quieter and quieter.

We loved our smelling activity and this opens up the children’s senses to help with their concentration.

They then enjoyed walking on grass with their bare feet and chatted about how this feeling made them feel.

Things Are A Little Fishy Around Here…

The pre school children at OCH have been making their own tuna fish cakes for afternoon snack.

This was a great activity where they developed lots of skills, especially fine motor when crushing, pinching and squeezing the cream crackers to make crumbs.

It linked in to our “Tiddler” topic where we were learning about different types of fish.

The children then decided they wanted to learn how the fisherman catch the fish for us to eat so next up, fishing lessons!


It’s That Time Of Year Again…

Doune Terrace were so excited to pack their picnic bags last week and head off to North Berwick for the day.

The boys and girls look forward to this day every year, when the whole nursery gets together and enjoys a day at the beach.

This year was no exception and with the sun shining, they had the best day splashing about in the water and enjoying the swing park.

Can we go back this week please??

Not Too Cool For School

Some of our Doune Terrace pre school children visited Flora Stevenson Primary to have a run around in the playground.

The outing was organised to help with the transition to school this Summer.

After their play, the children took a walk along to the library where Georgia read them a story about starting school.

They had a brilliant morning and school doesn’t seem so scary now!