Sensory Play

As well as being extremely fun and interesting, sensory activities in early years naturally encourages children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. Stimulating children's senses with sensory play helps them develop cognitively, linguistically, socially and emotionally, physically and creatively.

Sensory play includes activities that can stimulate all young children’s senses and is so much fun for them to enjoy!

Wishing to offer you the most fulfilling and fun sensory activities, using all of our combined experience and the latest state of the art sensory equipment, Early Days Nursery in Palmerston Place is very proud to unveil its brand new interactive Sensory Play Room in early 2017 as part of the extensive nursery refurbishment. Our children have always enjoyed sensory play but this takes it to a whole new level! This amazing new interactive play room offers Early Days children the very latest sensory activities and play to help them develop in the most fun, friendly and stimulating environment. Please get in touch if you would like to view our interactive facilities and find out more about our sensory play.

Music to my ears
All of our nurseries are being installed with state of the art Sonos music systems, providing nursery teams with complete control over music in all our rooms. Using wifi technology, Sonos music’s wireless systems can play the same song in perfect sync across the whole nursery. Alternatively, it can play different music in different rooms at different volumes all at the same time. This helps us to offer tailored activities to suit specific age groups and means the babies can enjoy their lullaby while the toddlers hit Bambino Beats, all at the same time!