Meet Amy

My name is Amy and I have recently graduated with a degree in human biology.

I have always loved working with children and I have decided to pursue this as a career.

I love being creative with the children and helping them to express themselves through creative and messy play.

In my spare time I face-paint for birthday parties and charity events.

A Big Hello To Bally

Hello my name is Bally.

I’m a fun, ambitious and bubbly person with lots of creative experience.

I have bags of energy and I’m really looking forward to sharing that at the nursery.

I love spending time with my family and friends. I have a great relationship with my nieces and nephews and also my friends children who I care deeply for!

I have a passion for travelling and have been lucky to travel all over the world.

I like cooking and baking, enjoy spending time at my fitness classes and love trying new places to eat out.

Let’s Welcome Jenny

My name is Jenny and I’ve started a new career in childcare this June.

My passions are arts and crafts, mindfulness, yoga, outdoor activities, imaginative play and nurturing healthy relationships.

As a mum myself, I know how important it is that your child is looked after in a welcoming and caring environment.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone and helping the children every day.

Say Hello To Jennifer

Hello my name is Jennifer Robertson and I am the new manager of Walker Street, Pre School.

I qualified as a teacher in 2011 and have been working with young children in Primary schools and nurseries ever since.

For 3 years I was the teacher of Doune Terrace and absolutely loved my time there!

Outside of formal teaching I have worked with vulnerable children in Ukraine and have provided support to parents whose children have additional needs.

For the last year I have been living in the Netherlands working on my masters in Educational Research at the University of Utrecht.

I am continuing my studies in Edinburgh and am enthusiastic to apply all my new ideas to the nursery.

I am really excited to work with all the children, parents and staff at Walker Street and am passionate about giving our children the best start.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Exciting Employee of The Month Information

As part of our staff incentives scheme, we will now also be choosing one member of staff from our admin, cook and maintenance teams every month.

Staff will be recognised for their effort in the following areas:

  1. Enthusiasm

  2. Initiative

  3. Motivation

  4. Positive Attitude

  5. Dedication

  6. Efficiency

Our first Employee of the Month in this category is Ruth Anderson from Melville Street – congratulations!!

Say Hello To Lauren

Hi, my name is Lauren and I have always wanted to work in a nursery. I even had experience in Early days before I got my first job!

The thing I enjoy the most about working with the children is that I get to watch them grow and help them learn.

I am working in the toddler room and I am really looking forward to getting to know all the children.

Our Fantastic May Employees!

Doune Terrace Nursery

We would like to say a big congratulations to Annie for winning the Employee of the Month incentive. Annie has shown an outstanding contribution to the Online Learning Journals. We are all very proud of the time and effort she puts in to everything she does at Doune Terrace.

Early Days and OCH Nursery

Congratulations to Jane Rafiq in our Baby Room who has won this month’s Employee of the Month award for her contribution to Online Journals.  Jane consistently shows commitment to the children’s learning and is really linking the observations to the children’s learning, as well as providing fun activities to encourage children’s engagement.

Walker Street Nursery

Kay won the Employee of the Month incentive for her outstanding contribution to the Online Journals. She has shown fantastic commitment. Well done Kay!

Melville Street Nursery

Emma Thomson is Employee of the Month for May 2018.  She has won for her outstanding contribution to online journals

Here are some parents quotes in response to content in the journals;

“My daughter loves Emma and it is clear to see from the learning journals that the experiences and teaching you provide for her is giving her the best start in life at Melville Street Nursery.”

” I love reading the updates and it helps with thinking of activities to do at home with her too”

“I love it!”

This is brilliant, I love it!”

June Incentive

Our Employee of the month, staff incentive focus for June will be Mindfulness and Yoga.  The criteria for this are as follows:

  1. I can plan and prepare age appropriate activities for mindfulness and yoga

  2. I can take relevant observations, record in online journals and plan next steps

  3. I can provide relevant examples of my practice for the website

  4. I can create an informative display in my nursery

Hopefully you will all see evidence of this being carried out in nursery or on your child’s journal.  As always, your feedback is very much appreciated.

Recipe Of The Week – Lightly Curried Cauliflower and Potato Soup

2 Cauliflower Heads,

1 Kg Potatoes,

1 Large Onion,

1 Tin Coconut Milk,

1 Heaped Tbsp Medium Curry Powder,

1 Tsp Vegetable Oil,


  1. Remove stalks from cauliflower and cut into chunks.

  2. Peel potatoes, wash and cut into chunks.

  3. Slice onions.

  4. Add vegetable oil to a large pan with the curry powder and stir.

  5. Add the onions and allow to soften for a few minutes then add the potatoes and cauliflower and stir.

  6. Cover with water and cook for about 20  minutes, until vegetables are soft.

  7. Add the coconut milk.

  8. Blitz with a stick blender and serve.

Serves 4 – 6

Introducing Our Employees Of The Month!

Doune Terrace Nursery

Nicola approaches every day with a calm and friendly manner.  She is lovely and welcoming when children and their parents come in in the morning and is always positive and warm when delivering feedback at the end of the day.  Nicola knows every child in the toddler room well and knows their likes, dislikes and behaviours and adapts activities and practice accordingly for each child. Nicola will happily work in any room or nursery and her positive flexible attitude has gained her respect with parents, children and her colleagues alike. Nicola is always happy to help out her colleagues at Doune Terrace and at our other nurseries and is such a positive role model to all of us. Well done Nicola, we are all proud of you!

Early Days and OCH Nursery

Congratulations to Steavy in our Baby room who has been voted our ‘Employee of the Month’ for her contribution to promoting positive behaviour.  All of the staff agreed that Steavy was a deserving winner.

Walker Street Nursery

Sharon always arrives at work with a positive ‘can do’ attitude. She welcomes the children and parents with a smile and she knows every child in the toddler room. Her practice is exemplary and because she plans well, the children respond and love their activities. She is always happy to help colleagues and students alike, and is an inspiration to us all.

Melville Street Nursery

 Well done Lydia! The comments received from parents were outstanding:

“Lydia’s nature always seems really warm and she has a lovely calming tone and feel for the room. She is a shining example of who you would want looking after your little babies”

“Lydia really thinks about the details and reasons behind why they are doing an activity and what the specific ares of growth/development is for the babies”

“Lydia always uses a calm tone when communicating with not just the children but the other staff members and parents too”

May Incentive

Our Employee of the month, staff incentive, will continue in to the month of May focusing on Online Learning Journals and observations.   Staff have taken part in a training session to look at why we observe the children and what makes a good observation.   Over the next 4 weeks, we will be using the following criteria to support the staff in developing the use of the children’s Online Journals…


  1. I know all my key children very well and can discuss their progress with my room supervisor or manager

  2. I can plan appropriate next steps in learning for my children

  3. The content of my observations is relevant to the learning outcomes in our room planning

  4. I can liaise with parents and professionally discuss the content of their child’s journal

  5. I can use learning journals in the playroom for children to peer evaluate each other’s learning

If you have any feedback regarding a member of staff that you feel does a particularly good job in this area I would be delighted to hear from you.