Introducing Gilliana

Hi, my name is Gilliana, I have a background in holistic health and I am currently undertaking some further study in massage.

I also have a sound knowledge of specialised diets, a keen interest in nutrition and have been cooking professionally for ten years.

Food is such a fundamentally important part of our lives, it connects us to the plants, animals and environment around us, allows us to sustain our good health, bring us together socially, ignites creativity, comforts and heals us, and brings us joy.

So I am thrilled to be here at Early Days, where we love our food and celebrate it every day!

Introducing Grace

My name is Grace-Marie Naisby. I am 28 years old.  

I have a degree in First Art. I enjoy helping children to express their creativity through different art forms.

I love being outdoors, learning in nature with the children is extremely rewarding.

I wish to use my skills to help each child realise their full potential.

I am looking forward to getting to know all the children.

IMPORTANT Closure Update – 2nd March 2018

We have consulted with Police Scotland and on their advice, have taken the decision to keep all of our nurseries CLOSED again on Friday 2nd March as there is still an Amber Warning in place.

For further closure information, updates will be available on Facebook, Our App and the Website.

Housing Payment Information

A Discretionary Housing Payment fund is administered for those households that are on Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Costs and may not be receiving the full amount of their rent, are affected by under occupancy (sometimes known in the press as the ‘bedroom tax’) or require a deposit and/or rent in advance for a new tenancy or assistance with removal costs.

Edinburgh Council are keen to maximise this fund and support as many low income households as possible.

Please see the below link or on ‘read more’ (app users) for more information.

Discretionary Housing Payments Factsheet