Sssh! Fairies About…

After much interest and input from our toddlers at Early Days, we have decided to create our own outdoor fairy garden.

Our toddlers helped make a start on it, creating some fairy houses and a rock area for the fairies to play in.

Their little imaginations went into overdrive and we had some amazing chat about all the others things we shall be adding to our garden.

Lots of fun times ahead for the children in our new fairy garden.

Introducing Katey

My name is Katey and I joined Early Days Nursery in May 2018.

I am currently working in the Tweenie Room where I hope to gain more experience and get to know the children.

Everyone has been lovely and very welcoming.

In my spare time I like to go swimming and do theatre productions.  I also love spending time with my family and friends.

Say Hello to Clare

My name is Clare and I am 24 years old, I have just finished my HNC in Childhood practice.  This is my first Nursery Practitioner post.

Previously I was a nanny and volunteered in a primary 4 classroom during my studies.

I have completed two placements, one in a nursery working with children from 3-5 years old and another placement in a primary P1/2 class.

Next year I hope to start my BA in Childhood practice.

Things Are A Little Fishy Around Here…

The pre school children at OCH have been making their own tuna fish cakes for afternoon snack.

This was a great activity where they developed lots of skills, especially fine motor when crushing, pinching and squeezing the cream crackers to make crumbs.

It linked in to our “Tiddler” topic where we were learning about different types of fish.

The children then decided they wanted to learn how the fisherman catch the fish for us to eat so next up, fishing lessons!


Exciting Employee of The Month Information

As part of our staff incentives scheme, we will now also be choosing one member of staff from our admin, cook and maintenance teams every month.

Staff will be recognised for their effort in the following areas:

  1. Enthusiasm

  2. Initiative

  3. Motivation

  4. Positive Attitude

  5. Dedication

  6. Efficiency

Our first Employee of the Month in this category is Ruth Anderson from Melville Street – congratulations!!

Our Fantastic May Employees!

Doune Terrace Nursery

We would like to say a big congratulations to Annie for winning the Employee of the Month incentive. Annie has shown an outstanding contribution to the Online Learning Journals. We are all very proud of the time and effort she puts in to everything she does at Doune Terrace.

Early Days and OCH Nursery

Congratulations to Jane Rafiq in our Baby Room who has won this month’s Employee of the Month award for her contribution to Online Journals.  Jane consistently shows commitment to the children’s learning and is really linking the observations to the children’s learning, as well as providing fun activities to encourage children’s engagement.

Walker Street Nursery

Kay won the Employee of the Month incentive for her outstanding contribution to the Online Journals. She has shown fantastic commitment. Well done Kay!

Melville Street Nursery

Emma Thomson is Employee of the Month for May 2018.  She has won for her outstanding contribution to online journals

Here are some parents quotes in response to content in the journals;

“My daughter loves Emma and it is clear to see from the learning journals that the experiences and teaching you provide for her is giving her the best start in life at Melville Street Nursery.”

” I love reading the updates and it helps with thinking of activities to do at home with her too”

“I love it!”

This is brilliant, I love it!”

June Incentive

Our Employee of the month, staff incentive focus for June will be Mindfulness and Yoga.  The criteria for this are as follows:

  1. I can plan and prepare age appropriate activities for mindfulness and yoga

  2. I can take relevant observations, record in online journals and plan next steps

  3. I can provide relevant examples of my practice for the website

  4. I can create an informative display in my nursery

Hopefully you will all see evidence of this being carried out in nursery or on your child’s journal.  As always, your feedback is very much appreciated.